School Profile

Ch. Baldev Singh Model School is being run under the aegis of Ch.Baldev Singh Educational Society, comprising of eminent educationists, socialworkers and philanthropists. It is a progressive senior secondary schoolrecognized by the Directorate of Education, Government of Delhi and affiliatedwith the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. The high academicstandards at Ch. Baldev Singh Model School are maintained through intellectualfirmness. All students get an opportunity to develop into critical andcompassionate thinkers, successful learners, confident individuals, effectivecontributors and responsible citizens who are able to manage change.

The school has a vision of creating a community of connected,confident, Indian global citizens. Our goal is to motivate children to learn‘how to learn’ with passion and curiosity. We want students to gain an impetusfor lifelong learning and become educated and informed leaders of the futurewho will collaborate, work and create to improve the quality of life. Weendeavour to see our students cross the benchmarks of academic excellence and,continuously create the new ones. And it would be most satisfying if thecommunity of teachers at Ch. Baldev Singh Model School could render ageneration of citizens who perceive this world as a ‘one big family’. Theschool aims at creating citizens who not only have the calibre to think beyondtheir confined self, but their actions to reflect their noble spirits. Torealize this vision in true sense we all need sublimity in our thoughts andactions. A narrow vision on part of the educationists would only create a fleetof Engineers, Doctors or IAS officers and may be high profile politicians, whoare entirely impaired to combat with grave issues like Global Warming, GlobalTerrorism, Insurgency, Famines, Starvation, Beggary, etc. Our vision is a possibleprojection and a ray of hope of a happy future for our world, i.e. ‘our one bigfamily.’

Children today are living in a fascinating world that isadvancing into a global society and knowledge epoch where momentous changestake place every day. Tremendous challenges are opening up for students. In thechanging scenario, it has become the moral duty of every responsibleeducational institution to groom children to be befitting citizens. We need tostand firm in the richness of our ancient Indian culture, tradition and valuesthat advocate love, care and concern.

We at Ch. Baldev Singh Model School aim to nurture not justbetter adjusted achievers, not just better conformers, but also young men andwomen who can strike a new trail, who can redefine notions of success and whocan take open hearts and minds out into the society which they can helptransform. Global strategies are used to provide a platform for holisticdevelopment of students. School’s mission is to provide an academic andco-curricular program that challenges each student and equips him/her withknowledge, skills, values, motivation and confidence.

                        Theschool believes in growing together. The learning has not been confined withinthe boundaries of school. The school has joined hands with variousorganizations like CBSE, DoE, SCERT for promoting meaningful education overlearning for scores through various projects.